Agile Adoption

Wish to integrate modern adaptive approaches in your business processes but don’t know where to start?

Product Development

Want to start developing your new product idea or project with minimal wasted money, effort and time?



    Agile Scrum Foundations Workshop

    Intended audience Team members of a team looking to improve their process by adopting the Scrum Framework. Project managers interested in transitioning to a Product Owner role. For a more specific approach, see the Product Owner Program. Managers and team leaders interested in supporting their teams in the agile adoption process. See Agile Leadership Workshop. For Beginners The Agile Scrum Foundations Workshop provides the knowledge needed to understand the Agile approach in general and the Scrum Framework in particular.

    Scrum Master Program

    Present or prospective Scrum Masters

    Product Owner Program

    Project managers · Prospective Product Owners

    Agile Leadership Workshop

    Managers · Team Leaders · Project Managers

    Agile HR Workshop

    HR Managers · HR Business Partners · Managers


    Teams interested in agile transition

    Coaching for Scrum Masters

    Present or prospective Scrum Masters



      Agile Coaching

      Indentify your goals, explore options and take action in a safe, and positive environment.